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Valkor focuses on remediate and no impact mining operations. Our primary surface mining is  part of our remediative sand projects that remove oil from surface and near surface tar sands, eliminating run oil off. Valkor also does Potash and Lithium brine "mining" with minimum surface facilities appropriated for the surroundings.

Oil Sand Remediation

Billions of barrels of oil sit in sands near the surface, where it seep into ground water or run off into lakes and streams. We have worked with various partners to develop a no-waste producing, no-water consuming oil sands process that extracts the oil and gives on clean sands. Combined with a final surface remediation plan, we can leave the locations of our mining activities better than when we found them. 

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Lithium / Potash Brines

Traditional "mining" of Lithium and Potash have been done by pumping brines out onto the surface into ponds for evaporation, taking years to dry out wherein half of the target minerals can be lost. We have been working for years to develop a combination of technologies that allows immediate extraction without losses and eliminates evaporation ponds. Our locations are therefore minimal facilities with no significant environmental or aesthetic impact.

Good Neighbors

Mining has a bad name and sometime deserved, but we approach things differently. We seek to be a good neighbor. In addition to bringing jobs and economic activity to an area, we seek to do more. First, we do rolling remediations, cleaning up the land as we move along. Second, we give back to the community by improving roads, building hiking, biking and 4 wheeling trails, in addition to wildlife watering and shelters on our properties. 

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