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Valkor believes in a bright future for our planet and we seek to do our part. We target our research & development towards socially responsible and environmentally beneficial technologies and business models. Rather than just jumping on the green electricity bandwagon, however, we seek progress in the conventional industrial and energy sectors.


In fact, we believe that the energy industry is our best chance to actually reverse CO2 levels through existing infrastructure and assets. Low carbon electricity is not enough, as only about 1/3 of energy consumption is electric and many, if not most, vehicles, plants and processes cannot readily be electrified. Truly green fuels, gas and liquid, are necessary to decarbonize the other 2/3 of energy consumption. Hydrogen is in its infancy, but hydrocarbons are a mature industry with the expertise and assets to achieve a carbon free future.

Our own Reserach & Development indicates and others agree that natural gas and oil can be produced in a truly Carbon Neutral (full life cycle) manner. CO2 flooding has long been a method of increasing oil production, typically 

We are a subsidiary of the Highlands Development Group, a privately held company. 

West Texas Gas Cover Photo.jpg

VOC Capture & Recycling

Valkor has worked with Dow Chemical for more than a decade to employ adsorption resins towards capturing and recycling industrial chemicals, specifically Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's).


The current state of the technology is to combust many VOC's in thermal oxidizers. This  represents both a waste of chemical and a conversion to CO2 


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