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Valkor is a vertically integrated project development company in the fields of Oil, Gas and Minerals. We develop and execute projects aimed toward making hydrocarbons green and socially beneficial. But we are not a contractor: we are your partner. We align our interests with the client through shared risk and equity participation for both public and private ventures.


Valkor Oil & Gas
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Midstream Production

Development, Operation and Management of Oil & Gas fields with a focus on Clean Energy & Enhanced Recovery

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Marine Services

Full Service Marine & Offshore Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Transport & Installation

Valkor Energy Services
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Extraction of Lithium, Potash, Rare Earth Elements & Oil Sands and other socially beneficial Minerals

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Road Chemicals

Innovative, low-cost and environmentally sound solutions for secondary roads, oilfield pads, runways, and driveways

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Process EPM

Full Service EPC (Engineering Procurement & Construction) for processing Oil, Natural Gas, Helium, Hydrogen & other Gases

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Energy IOT

Cost Effective & Innovative IOT systems for the Energy Industry for Monitoring & Control of wells, pumps, pipelines, trucks...

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