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Valkor is a vertically integrated project development company in the fields of Oil, Gas and Minerals. We develop and execute projects aimed toward making hydrocarbons green and socially beneficial. But we are not a contractor: we are your partner. We align our interests with the client through shared risk and equity participation for both public and private ventures.


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Valkor Oil & Gas

Development, Operation and Management of Oil & Gas fields with a focus on Clean Energy & Enhanced Recovery

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Provides a fully integrated team of talented personnel for development, engineering, implementation & operation of projects

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Valkor Energy Services.

Extraction of Lithium, Potash, Rare Earth Elements & Oil Sands and other socially beneficial Minerals

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Valkor Marine

Full Service Marine & Offshore Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Transport & Installation

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Crosstrails Engineering

Full Service EPC (Engineering Procurement & Construction) for processing Oil, Natural Gas, Helium, Hydrogen & other Gases

Road Chemicals
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Valkor Technologies

Innovative, low-cost and environmentally sound solutions for secondary roads, oilfield pads, runways, and driveways

Green Energy
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Valkor Environmental

Carbon Sequestration combined with Oil, Gas, Coal Bed Methane, and Lithium production to achieve CO2 Neutral or Negative products

Energy IOT
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Oltranz IOT

Cost Effective & Innovative IOT systems for the Energy Industry for Monitoring & Control of wells, pumps, pipelines, trucks...


Carbon Negative Oil & Gas

We believe that it is both the responsibility and the opportunity of the Oil & Gas Industry – Not just to REDUCE CO2 emissions – but to REVERSE them. A bold statement and our fervent goal: hydrocarbon products that sequester more CO2 than they produce.


Uinta Basin Well 8-4

Valkor Completes Uinta Basin Well 8-4

Battleship Steel Repairs Completion

Steel repairs have been completed on the hull of Battleship Texas. The entire hull has been coated.

Valkor Successfully moves the Battleship Texas to Shipyard for Repairs

Valkor, prime contractor for the Battleship Texas Refurbishment Project, has completed the transport of the Battleship Texas from it berth near the San Jacinto monument to Galveston for refurbishment at the Gulf Copper shipyard

Battleship Texas Update: Drydock Arrives in Galveston

A major milestone has been reached in the Battleship Texas repair project has been reached with the arrival of the salvaged drydock at the shipyard in Galveston, TX

Heavy Sweet Oil Targets Drilling Program Start for 4th Quarter 2023

Heavy Sweet Oil receives Netherland and Sewell Oil In Place Report for Asphalt Ridge Acreage of 4.25B bbl of oil in place

Utah Rail Extension Approved

The Utah Surface Transportation Board granted approval for the Seven Country Infrastructure Coalition to operate a new railroad line in Utah. Negotiations are ongoing to terminate on or near Valkor leases lands near Vernal, Utah.

Valkor moves Towards Unitization

Unitization of 1.5 Sections North of Vernal Held for First Well Drilled

Approval Received for Enhanced Oil Recovery in Utah

Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law and Order were issued by the Board of Oil, Gas and Mining of the Department of Natural Resrouces for the State of Utah in favor of Valkor / Heavy Sweet Oil

Valkor Presents to Board of Utah Dept of Oil Gas & Mining

Landfill Nitrogen Rejection Unit delivered to Morrow Energy

Startup and operations began on the first of seven (7) cryogenic nitrogen rejection units

Valkor Technologies Awarded Road Chemical Contract with Adams Country, CO

Valkor Technologies has received the award from Adams Country, Colorado to provide road chemical to the award winning county. The contract is for one year and approximately 75 miles of roads with extension for up to five years .

3RD Party Verification Report of Oil Sands Technology and Economics is Issued

Valkor has received a third party evaluation of the oil sands technology, confirming technical and economic feasibility below $25 per bbl production cost.

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