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Crosstrails, a subsidiary of Valkor, was founded as a traditional EPC for oil & gas processing plants. We provide a complete solutions including engineering, procurement, projects management, installation, process improvement and operations. Our flexible and cooperative approach has made us successful, along with cost savings design innovations. But we have not stopped there, now bringing the latest technologies to bear for improved efficiency, environmental sensitivity.

Midstream / Plant Production

  • Oil Refining & Processing Plants

  • Oil Sands Processing Plants

  • Natural Gas Processing Plants

  • Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) Systems

  • Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Systems

  • Blue/Green Hydrogen from Natural Gas

  • Nitrogen Rejection Units

  • Helium Refining Systems

  • Lithium / Potash Brine Processing Systems

Upstream / Field Production

  • Wellhead & Production Facilities

  • Water Treatment Systems

  • Storage & Gathering Systems

  • Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) Systems

  • CO2 Capture & Sequestration

  • Storage & Tank Batteries

  • Terminals, Pipelines & Loading

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